Logic – ICONIC Ft. Jaden Smith [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

Logic - ICONIC Ft. Jaden Smith [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

Logic - ICONIC Ft. Jaden Smith [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

“ICONIC” begins with a solemn nod of appreciation to Eminem who shouted him out at the 3:50 mark of “Kamikaze.”

The adulation comes to an end just as a drum pattern reminiscent of Jahlil Beatz’ percussive style (made famous by Meek Mill) rains in on the parade. The song’s title references the Jaden Smith similarly titled debut single off SYRE. The Jaden Smith that appears before us Today is not young boy that showed up Sunset Blvd to watch his father rehearse his lines. On “ICONIC” Jaden proves that even the littlest of contributions can be a blessing in disguise. He raps:

“You already know what that is
Young Sinatra, icons inspire icons
Gold chains wrapped around my neck like pythons
The drip way, yeah.”

There really isn’t room for much else on “ICONIC.” Like any other Logic song, save for the ballads, the lyrical quota is densely packed. “Bobby” uses the inference of Frank Sinatra’s mob ties to create an aura of incomprehensible toughness around his image. The idea being: you wouldn’t peg a Broadway jazz singer to be a tough guy, but with that aside, you wouldn’t where he got his Rolex, and for how much?

Logic – ICONIC Ft. Jaden Smith [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

Quotable Lyrics:

Like Gotti did Gambino, from Maryland to Reno
We know Tarantino a killer
But the Young Sinatra got you by the neck
And the spirit the second they hear it
They fear it as soon as they get near it
Everybody revere it like..

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