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What if every buyer in Nigeria and Africa can protect their online payments and make sure they
receive exactly what they paid for at the agreed time or else, a refund will be done without
hassles? What if an everyday seller in Nigeria and Africa is confident that, before they deliver
their product or service, they are 100% assured that payment has been made and it’s secured?

PayScrow , working with CBN licensed Deposit Money Banks, is a registered escrow service that
protects buyers and sellers interests. Buyers’ online payments are protected once payment for a
product or service is made via PayScrow , who notifies the seller, then delivery of the product or
service can be done by seller with 100% assurance that payment has been received and is

Once seller has delivered and the agreement made between the buyer and the seller has been
fulfilled, payment is disbursed to the seller within 24 hours. In an event where the agreement is
not fulfilled or the buyer didn’t receive exactly what was ordered for, the buyer can raise a
dispute claim and refund will be done to the buyer without hassles or stress.

For instance, if a buyer saw a pair of sneakers on a popular online store/marketplace/social
media account, she can now feel comfortable ordering for the sneakers by opting to make
payment via PayScrow , knowing fully that the payment is protected.

PayScrow also makes business easier for sellers all over Nigeria and Africa as they know that
providing an option for escrow payments reduces instances of cancelled orders which usually
translates into revenue loss and time wasted. Sellers receive buyers payment once delivery is
completed and the agreed terms have been met, which makes both parties feel satisfied.

With the view of reducing online frauds and scams, having value for receiving exactly what was
ordered online and getting products/service delivered at the agreed time, an increasing
percentage of people have started using PayScrow escrow services to make online payments.

Visit www.payscrow.net today to sign up and enjoy a new type of financial protection in making
online payments.

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